Taking stock on HLPF first Cycle: lessons learned and what’s ahead for the next four years - Shared screen with speaker view
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Brian O' Toole
Graham many thanks for that. Is there room for the MGoS to review the VNRs or the process as they are the most honest voice at the HLPF and many civil societies depend on the MGoS to ask their questions
Mina Nabizada
Thanks both Philipp and Graham - This is Mina Nabizada from the GSMA - you mentioned the VNR process being open to non-state actors including civil society - can private sector also report into the VNR?
Is there any possibility for outside groups to review a member’s VNR after they review the report?
Rob Wheeler
Some suggested questions to drive review process:VNR
Rob Wheeler
To what extent is your government on track for fully achieving each of the SDG targets as well as goalsWhat more do you need to do to move much closer to achieving each of these specific targets; what enabling legislation, actions, programs, funding, planning processes, and initiatives are you putting in place to do this?What are the primary targets and goals where you have been making great progress; what are the primary targets and goals where you need to do much better or more?
Mindaugas Galvosas - IFMSA
Thank you for both presenters. My name is Mindaugas Galvosas, I am from IFMSA. Mr. Graham Long, did you maybe also analyse in the survey if there were any suggestions/examples by the stakeholders what mechanisms did help them to get more involved in VNRs?
Rob Wheeler
Thanks Graham. That is an important point re Local action and review processes. We know in the US that there is much more action on climate at the state and local level as well in the US.
Graham Long
Hi Rob - there are VNR guidelines and handbook, plus guiding principles for review within the 2030 Agenda as you know - I think these pose similar guiding questions but you might want these to be shorter and more focused?
Rob Wheeler
Many years ago we used to know that there were maybe around 20,000 municipalities that were implementing Local Agenda 21s. I have not seen any quantification or statistics on local implementation in more recent years. Does anyone know if this info is available and where I can find it?
Graham Long
Hi daksha - in my view, there's no real formal process for feedback. We might hope that this happened in national level processes or regional fora after the review - this is something that could be strengthened. I think there's a reluctance to single out particular countries for criticism, and I can see why "name and shame" might be counter-productive
Marion Osieyo
Hello team, Many thanks for the presentation. It's Marion from WWF. Are there any insights on what types of analytical approaches in VNRs are effective in revealing a more balanced assessment of progress? For example measuring SDG progress according to policy coherence or the level of inclusion?
Rob Wheeler
I have read the guidelines and handbook, but it was a while ago now and I can’t remember what all it included but I seemed to remember that they didn’t really focus specifically on what is expected in regards to achieving each of the targets and what needs to be done to increase the level of implementation on each of them - but perhaps I am wrong. I am planning to review the handbook again.
Margie Simo
Hi Rob, are you referring to which handbook?
Graham Long
Hi Marion - its very hard to objectively measure or quantify policy coherence - developing an indicator here is not easy.It is easier to highlight policy INcoherence. Where "left behind" groups are genuinely a focus of review, you'd expect that to ensure a more balanced assessment - but how to work the situation of the worst off into a wider metric is another tricky stats question (sorry for a techy answer)
Rob Wheeler
The handbook on guidelines for VNRs for presenting countries
Margie Simo
Thanks Rob for the clarification
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Graham Long
Rob, on local implementation there is a "voluntary local review" website https://iges.or.jp/en/projects/vlr and a local/regional actor "sub-forum" at the HLPF but early days for summing and assessing those actions, in my view
Rob Wheeler
Thanks Graham. This is most helpful. I will take a look.
Graham Long
only if there's time - Irena, were the survey results similar for different constituencies (MGoS, states etc.)?
Graham Long
For Maria - what do you see as the key obstacles to a more "political" HLPF? Do you see any prospect of regional fora growing into more substantive political spaces?
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